Startup Life: the Art of Pivoting

It has been eight months since my post on how a trip to Boston had led my co-founder and me to rethink our startup. Much has happened since. We have challenged our preconceptions about the market, rethought our business model, built a board of superbly talented individuals, and much more. From conversations with other co-founders, […]

Startup Life: Lessons Learnt During a Pivotal Week

Last month, alongside my sister and co-founder, Anna Sort, I spent five days in Boston. We were lucky to speak to serial entrepreneurs, investors, VCs, BAs, innovation directors, MIT professors and business consultants as part of a Catalan government initiative aimed at start-ups in the digital health sector. Here are my top learnings from a […]

How to be More Strategic in Your Marketing (Part II)

In the previous post in this series about how to be more strategic, we talked about how you need to understand your market (including your competitors), customers (including using buyer personas and understanding the triggers behind decision making). We also looked at how you also need to conduct a thorough analysis of your organisation. Today […]

Building a Successful SWOT / TOWS Analysis: Tips and Free Template

We have spoken about the benefits of doing a SWOT analysis to understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We have also discussed how you can use the results of a SWOT analysis to build a TOWS analysis that fleshes out the strategic options available to you. Before you get started, here are some tips […]

Understanding Buyer Needs and Motivations

Understanding the buyer needs and motivations is essential to build a sound marketing strategy and make your funnel as effective as it can be. And it’s not restricted to B2C: the issue is equally important in the B2B space (business buyers aren’t as rational as you think). Buyer persona questionnaires are a handy tool, but […]