About me

Nice to meet you. I’m Alba Sort. I have worked in marketing, branding and communications for almost two decades, in the UK and abroad. (The fact that I speak seven languages helps!)

Marketing is a broad discipline. I have been lucky enough to work in many of its specialities: product marketing, marketing strategy, inbound marketing, digital marketing, operations, marketing metrics, PR, events, I have done them all. I take pride in being a T-shape marketer.

My “deep” areas are strategy, branding and performance management and the ability to see the bigger picture in an international context. I also enjoy sharing what I have learnt over the years as a marketing lecturer and trainer, mentor and speaker.  

I use my strengths on a daily basis as CMO at ALVUM, a digital health start-up developing solutions for people with food intolerances and sensitivities. Read my blog to find out more about my approach to marketing or find me on LinkedIn or Twitter.